Jayne Hughes

I wanted a career change from Childcare so I enquired about a Business course at Shrewsbury College. After a meeting with a tutor, who believed I would benefit from a positive challenge that would give me the opportunity to push myself further, I started the ABE. Studying ABE fits in with being a parent so gives me the opportunity to study a higher level course without having to take extensive travel or being away from home on a long term basis. I has been an enjoyable course that has given me opportunities that I never would of thought of taking. It has helped grow my confidence and realise abilities I never thought I had.


Sarah Gibson

I studied on the HND Sport Studies at Shrewsbury College and chose to return to do a PGCE because it was the cheaper option. I had student grants for the course but no student loan as the course was a lot cheaper than going to university. I also worked part-time alongside doing the course and I was able to get a lot of support from the college… more so that I would have at university.

My best memory from my PGCE course is the friendship groups on my course and the peer support I had on the course. Studying at Shrewsbury College helped me to get the job I have now.


Sean Fletcher

I wanted to return to college to enhance my skills and retrain with the hope of going on to study a degree in forensics. The course has been dynamic and interesting. It has been a while since I have been a student, and the staff and students have been friendly and welcoming.


Kai Cannon

Studying Higher Education at Shrewsbury College has allowed me to achieve the goals that I set out for myself. I have been dancing professionally since I joined a dance school when I was 6, so before attending Shrewsbury College I always saw dancing as my strongest attribute, now however, after two years of intense Performance training, I feel my acting abilities are just as strong.

I Looked at a lot of other places before deciding on Shrewsbury College and I put an awful lot of thought into what course to do and where. Ultimately I think it was atmosphere at this college which helped me to make the decision to study here. I have to travel over 2 hours each day from Kidderminster, and have done so for two years, but it has definitely been worth it.

I hadn’t had any formal acting classes before coming to Shrewsbury College, so this course has introduced me to new skills and techniques. I am glad I chose to do a musical theatre course, rather than just a dancing course, as it has given me the chance to expand my knowledge.

Getting the chance to Study Higher education in an intimate environment, and smaller classes has definitely benefitted the quality of my education. The course has helped me to build up my confidence and my performing abilities. Although I have always been confident in my dancing skills, this course has given me that added extra that I believe I will help me in my future career.

When I finish this course I will be pursuing a career in performing Arts by joining an agency and starting to audition for roles.


Claire Jennings

The Access course has taught me so much not only in the classroom but outside. Skills such as time management (juggling childcare, self-directed study and work) that will be invaluable for my next level of study doing a nursing degree at Staffordshire University. The biggest achievement has been finally getting a GCSE grade C equivalent in maths, a subject I have always struggled with but now have. The course has been really hard but so worth it.


FD in Electrical & Electronic Technology

Adam Williamson

I work for an engineering company and come into College one day a week. I started off doing an Apprenticeship at the College and decided I wanted to come back to further my education. You have to put a lot of spare time into the course, but the workload is manageable if you’re committed. I’ve been able to apply what I have learnt to my work and would definitely recommend studying part-time to fit your studies around your career.


Foundation Degree in Counselling

Justine Picken

I started on the introductory course, which I thought was fantastic. I then went onto the Level 3 course and later progressed to the Foundation Degree in Counselling to develop my knowledge.

I work part-time and managing my foundation degree workload was challenging at times, but I had excellent tutor support. I also received a lot of support from my peers and made some really great friends.


Gareth Barrett

I did not have any academic qualifications to do this, so the HND was the academic route I needed to take to start with; hopefully I can go on to achieve a full degree in my third year at Staffs University. The course is quite intense but the structure allows me to work for the college part-time as a Student Placement Coordinator as well as study.

Mary progressed onto the FD in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

Mary Emerson

Mary Emerson, 20, progressed from the College’s Level 3 Complementary Therapies course onto the Foundation Degree in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. “I already knew about different oils and a couple of routines, so it’s been good to learn about the clinical side of complementary therapies.”

“I wouldn’t have studied a higher education course if it wasn’t so local and because I’d already studied at the College, I knew it was a friendly learning environment. The groups are smaller than those at university, so we get more one-on-one time with the tutors.”

For more information on the FD in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, click here.more

Foundation Degree in Manufacturing

Michael James

I thought about doing the course for a few years, and then we had some redundancies at work. I wasn’t one of them, but it was a bit of an eye opening experience.

I’d done my City & Guilds and wanted to back myself up with a higher qualification. A lot of engineering jobs now ask for something like a HNC as a minimum requirement.

Shrewsbury is local to me and because I did my City & Guilds at Shrewsbury College, I wanted to come back. The College was familiar to me and I liked the staff. People at work spoke quite highly of the course.

I got a promotion at work, so the course has helped me massively so far.more

Anita Wyatt

The opportunity to study a university course, locally and without excessive travel really appealed to me. Obviously having children, I wasn’t able to relocate. The College has a good reputation and great links with the local industry.


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