Student Voice

A group of our Super Reps
At Shrewsbury College we value your input and offer plenty of opportunities for you to get your voice heard:

  • Students Council:  Shrewsbury College will work with the Students’ Council as its primary method of engagement with students.
  • Student Governors: The Student Governors will play an active part in all committees including full corporation. This includes the Student Convention in their governance role.
  • Student Representation: Officers will be elected to the Students Council annually that are representative of the student body. Curriculum Forums will be held termly in each school to allow student representatives to meet with school management teams.
  • Super Reps: There will also be a body of consultative to be “Super Reps” elected from each Curriculum Area who will attend the Student Convention and subsequent forums. The super reps are expected to represent the main course reps from their area and disseminate any information they receive back to the student body.
  • Student Services:  All students are welcomed at the helpdesk to share compliments and complaints.

What our students say

Some top statistics of what our students said following our Exit Survey, conducted during July 2015. The survey contributes to the quality cycle, annual planning cycle and self-assessment cycle.

Student Voice statistics

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