Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How many days per week will my son or daughter be in College?
A - Full-time courses are 3 full days, 15 hours per week. If students need to study GCSE English or Maths or have opted to study an A Level alongside their vocational course this will be timetabled as an additional morning or afternoon session.

Q - Who do I apply to if I want to study a vocational course, Shrewsbury Colleges Group, Shrewsbury College or SSFC?
A - Applicants wishing to study a vocational course will apply directly to Shrewsbury College, applicants wishing to study full-time A Levels will apply directly to SSFC.

Q - If my son/daughter completes a Vocational qualification can they still go to University?
A - YES, an Extended Diploma is equivalent to 3 A Levels and provides practical skills and experience alongside the theoretical understanding and underpinning knowledge required to progress to university. The entry requirements to specific University courses can be found on

Q - What if my son or daughter doesn’t do as well as expected with their GCSEs?
A - When your son or daughter comes into the College to enrol at the beginning of September we will sit down with them and look at their results. If their results are lower than expected and their tutor thinks that they need to start with a lower level than originally planned then this will be discussed and agreed upon before enrolment. Any student who has not achieved at least a C grade in GCSE English or Maths will be required to study these again alongside their main qualification.

Q - We live out of the Shrewsbury Area, will there be any help with transport costs?
A - Yes, if you live in the Bridgnorth/Telford area; Llanidloes/Newtown/Welshpool/Oswestry area; Wrexham/Whitchurch/Market Drayton/Shawbury or Newport/High Ercal/Roden area, the College operates a bus service at a reduced rate. Also if you live over 3 miles from the College you may be entitled to apply for a Shropshire Council or Arriva Bus Pass (Dependant on your financial circumstances). Please contact Student Services on 01743 342322 or visit this page for more information.

Q - What happens if my son/daughter requires additional learning support?
A - All students complete an initial assessment before starting their programme which will help us, and them, identify any learning support requirements they might have.
If you are able to make us aware of any additional support requirements prior to them starting College then this will enable us to put any support measures or specialist equipment in place from their first day.

Q - How can I be sure my son or daughter is doing enough work to pass the course?
A - Each student has a Progression Specialist who will meet with them regularly to discuss their progress and any issues that may arise. The tutor and or progression specialist will be in touch with you via regular progress reports. The Progression Specialist will automatically get in touch with your son or daughter if they are regularly absent, miss course deadlines or their tutor has any concerns about their commitment to the course. If you have any concerns or questions about your son/daughter’s progress at college you can contact their Progression Specialist at any time. You will be provided with the relevant contact numbers/email addresses at the start of term.

Q - Does the practical emphasis of the Shrewsbury College course limit my son’s/daughter’s future options?
A - Courses at Shrewsbury College are designed to offer students the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to begin their career in their chosen subject area or to progress to higher level study. Many of the skills gained are transferable and can be used to help support your child through their future progression. Universities and employers often welcome the additional competence and skills gained on vocational courses where students gain practical experience of the industry and workplace, not just an ‘academic' understanding.

The self- discipline, commercial awareness, practical skills, initiative and confidence developed will be invaluable in a number of career paths and progression opportunities. Employers appreciate the work experience element that many of our students undertake on their course. Numeracy, Literacy and ICT are embedded in all our programmes. Shrewsbury College aims to build character in addition to supporting students to complete their course successfully.

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