Joint Statement Regarding Three College Merger Proposal

  • Date Published: Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
  • Departments: Cross College,

The Public Consultation process has concluded and it has confirmed there is support for change within Shropshire. This has encouraged the Colleges to believe that proceeding with the merger proposal, with some modifications in the light of due diligence and consultation feedback, could be achievable.

The survey responses did indicate a higher level of support for Shrewsbury College merging with Shrewsbury Sixth Form College than for New College Telford doing so.
Although support was strong enough to warrant proceeding with the merger, consideration for separating the Telford and Shrewsbury Colleges gained traction and the changes in the financial position, leadership and management at TCAT have offered new opportunities for Telford learners following feedback from the Area Review process.

This change to the proposal has now been endorsed through the Government’s Area Review process, along with confirmation that the planned merger between Shrewsbury College and Shrewsbury Sixth Form College should continue as scheduled for July 31st 2016. The Governing bodies at all colleges will meet in due course to formally consider the revised proposals from the Area Review board.

All three colleges would like to thank those who contributed to the consultation process.


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