Pioneering Thomas Cook shop unveiled at Shrewsbury College

Shrewsbury College is working in partnership with Thomas Cook of Pride Hill to help students and staff avoid the hustle and bustle of town centre shopping, and make booking holidays more convenient.   

The new scheme, which is being trialled for the first time this year, will give students at Shrewsbury College valuable work experience whilst generating extra business for Thomas Cook.

The idea came about when Steve Somerford, Assistant Manager at Pride Hill Thomas Cook, was looking for innovative ways to create more business.

He said: ‘’I thought that working with Shrewsbury College and enabling students to gain hands-on experience would be a fantastic opportunity for both partners.

‘’I think it is fantastic that Shrewsbury College is generating strong relationships with local businesses, and our hope is that this can become a valuable on-going part of the students’ Travel & Tourism course.’’

The shop will be run by second year Travel & Tourism students at the College on Monday mornings. The aim is for the students to generate business for the staff at Thomas Cook, by taking initial holiday inquiries. The shop is being trialled for students and staff with the hope of eventually opening up to members of the public.

The College invited back ex-student Chris Moss, who now currently works as cabin crew at Monarch Airlines, to perform the official opening.

Chris said: “This is a brilliant and innovative idea and will definitely go far in helping students gain fundamental work-experience.

‘’I finished my course here at Shrewsbury College last summer and since then I have been working for Monarch Airlines. The tutors here are extremely supportive, and I received a lot of help when applying for my job from them.
“It is important to stress that the travel industry is not all glamour and it is tough to get into. But I would highly recommend anyone wanting to work in the industry to study at Shrewsbury College, as the course is specifically designed to help students get ahead, and become work-ready.

‘’I would like to wish all the second year students luck when working on the project and with future endeavours.’’

Suzie Aston, second year Travel &Tourism student said: ‘’This is a really exciting opportunity for us. I am hoping to work for a travel agency when I leave college, so the experience and skills I will gain from doing the Thomas Cook shop will be extremely valuable to me.’’

For more information about the Travel & Tourism courses at Shrewsbury College please call the Course Advice team on 01743 342 333 or visit

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