Colleges offer way to beat university scramble

With A Level results out next week many university hopefuls may face disappointment if they fall short of the grades they need, particularly with the squeeze on places for next year.

Shrewsbury College is historically a vocational college and this is still an important part of its work – but it has become much more as well, teaching qualifications across a wide range of subjects and at all levels.

“More than a third of students who study locally go to university via a college like ours,” said Charmian Turner, the College’s Marketing Manager. “Increasingly people are completing their entire Higher Education with us if they don’t achieve the A Level grades they require for university or decide that university isn’t for them.”

Each year over 200 students graduate from university level courses at Shrewsbury College, ranging from a BA Honours Business Degree to a Foundation Degree in Complementary Therapies.

Mrs Turner also pointed out that local colleges have some big advantages over universities. “For one thing you build up far less student debt because college fees are lower than university fees, although the course you are doing is the same and colleges are regulated by the same agency as universities. Most people studying at college don’t have to live away from home, and that saves a lot in accommodation costs and avoids disrupting your life.”

“Apprenticeships are another option to consider; with fierce competition for jobs there’s never been a better time to have marketable skills. Apprentices can earn whilst they are learning and gain recognised qualifications as they work. Since completing their Apprenticeships, some of our students are now working all over the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.”

“If you don’t achieve the A Level results you were expecting, don’t give up, look locally and see just how much is on offer. Call us on 01743 342342 to find out more about our Apprenticeships or studying locally at university level.”
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