Career Prospects

Career options and national starting averages include:

  • Resort Rep £450+ per week
  • Travel Agent £13,000+

You could go on to be a:

  • Hotel Manager £19,000+
  • Wedding Planner £16,000+

Source: National Careers Service

Travel & Tourism

Do you fancy the idea of travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures?

Can you cope with working under pressure whilst ensuring everyone around you are enjoying themselves?

If you have a good work ethic and a desire to provide excellent customer service then working in this industry could be for you. Being a people person is very important in this industry, whether in a job that brings you face to face with people on a daily basis or working in one of the many services happening behind the scenes.

The Travel & Tourism industry is a growing area of employment opportunities that includes travel agents, holiday reps, cabin crew and tour managers. You could also be working in a variety of settings including airports, offices, hotels, theme parks, holiday resorts and cruise ships.

The range of jobs are very attractive to many people who are eager to work in the UK and abroad. The sector is so broad that there are large numbers of opportunities to gain the skills and experience needed to further your career prospects.

A Level Options
This subject area has courses which can be taken alongside A Levels and other qualifications.

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