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A mix of courses for those aged 16-24 to equip you with the necessary skills to either enter the workforce, join an apprenticeship or continue with your studies.

The Work Ready programme includes work experience and focuses on giving you the skills and experience that employers are looking for, helping you progress to suitable employment or an Apprenticeship. College Ready is designed to develop your academic skills, preparing you for entry to a Level 2 college course.

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I have really enjoyed Work Ready as it has taught me a lot of life skills and the work experience has definitely helped me. I wanted to work in a shop, but after doing work experience I have decided that wasn’t right for me, so now I have started work experience in a hairdressers and I know that’s what I want to do in future.

Louise Gillam
Louise Gillam
Work Ready

“I get a great deal of pleasure helping students to achieve their goals, whether that be progressing onto further studies, or gaining an Apprenticeship or employment. I have a variety of skills and qualities that I can pass on and help develop in each individual."