Jordan Clayton

The course is very diverse compared to other colleges and it has really helped me to hone my skills on the trade, which will definitely help with further work on site. The tutors are very helpful too, especially with their many years of experience.


Stephanie Nicholls

The course is very practical based and allowed me to gain useful experience. The tutors are easy to talk to and always offer support. I travel in from the Telford area and have received support through a travel pass.


Carys Orton

This higher level course has so far covered a whole range practices within the area of photography. I’ve learned some interesting photographic techniques and improved my confidence whilst working with groups and I’m really looking forward to learning more next year.


Rachel Massey

My course is good fun, the facilities here are great and I really enjoy the practical aspect of the course. The College workshop is just like the real garage I work at the weekends and the experience I’ve gained at College has really helped me with that. I came to this college because I had heard good things about the course and the facilities, this is definitely the most appealing college for me. Even though the subject might be seen by some as for men, I’ve enjoyed proving people wrong.


Tom Downing

Tom completed his training at Shrewsbury College five years ago and was accepted onto an 18-month programme for trainee managers at a five-star hotel in Brighton. He’s still there and well established in catering management. “I am ambitious to succeed and one day want to be manager of a top hotel, so I am focused, but catering is very broad - it can lead into other things, the higher you go the more it coincides with business management.”more

Rachael Waller

Rachael is working towards a career in live arts management, but says “if I hadn’t been able to come here to college and gain the National Diploma in Music Technology then it would have been far more difficult for me to go to university and do the course I need


Extended Diploma in Public Services L3

Josef Burgess

I chose Shrewsbury College because there was a good mix of practical and written work. The course didn’t involve exams as a form of assessment, which suited my learning style better than A Levels.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I started the course, but it has an emphasis on all areas of the public sector. It allowed me to go to university and later become a retained Fire-fighter at Shrewsbury Fire Station, which will hopefully lead to full-time employment.

The outdoor stuff was great, we got to do a lot of stuff I wouldn’t usually had been able to do, like climbing, canoeing and potholing. The staff were really cool, I got on well with them and still drop by to say hello sometimes.


Tracey Rigg


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