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From traditional silver service and food flambéed tableside, to the contemporary trend for elaborate towers of food presented on designer plates, dining out at Origins is full of theatrical elements.

Alongside modern practises in cuisine, we are still training our students the skills of the past. At Origins you can enjoy such table theatre as flambé or gueridon service, were food is prepared in front of you.

We hope you have the time to experience the combination of complementary flavours our 3 course meal offers, but if it’s a fleeting visit our light lunch menu offers a meal similar to a starter, but a little more substantial. Whatever you choose, we know you will be impressed by our food and the friendly, attentive service our hospitality students provide.

Menus that are changed regularly to reflect the season or time of year - at present you can expect warm, filling, hearty meals with seasonal vegetables and succulent meats.

Tuesday - Friday Lunch Menu

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