Manufacturing & Engineering

As an employer, we can work in partnership with you to support you in the success of your business, through offering comprehensive training and development, specific to your sector.  We have a proven track record of providing a professional, friendly and flexible service.

The many benefits of training your workforce and the impact this can make to your business can include:
  •     Progressing lean manufacturing
  •     Advancing distribution/warehouse efficiency
  •     Improving product quality and reducing waste

Our comprehensive suite of National Vocational Qualifications are delivered in a flexible way, fitting in with your work patterns and ensuring we minimize any interruptions to your workflow.  For the legal side of your business, our part time courses offer you and your workforce courses they need to ensure you offer a healthy and safe environment.


Tailored to meet your specific needs; fulfilling your business objectives.
The Business Improvement Techniques programme is designed to improve your business performance as a whole.  By involving and empowering everyone; top management, middle management, supervisors and all other employees, everyone plays their important part in improving the performance of your business.

This whole organisation approach is designed to make a real impact on your bottom line by:
  •     Delivering tangible improvements to the sales, cash flow and profitability of your business
  •     Strengthening your strategic competitive position
  •     Implementing systems that monitor performance and embed the improvement for long term results

Specifically we concentrate on:
  •      Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements
  •     Contributing to Effective Team Working
  •     Applying Workplace Organisations Techniques
  •     Applying Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen)
  •     Creating Visual Management Systems

At all stages of the programme, you influence the content with additional areas of need being included.  It could be that you would like to look at your standard operating procedures, or how you apply flow processes.  Just two examples of areas of work we have looked at improving with our employers.


As a business involved in manufacturing, engineering, or both, we can offer you flexible programmes that can build and develop the skills of your workforce.   By completing an Organisational Needs Analysis, together we can tailor a programme that meets your specific requirements, identifying your business needs from the outset as well as considering the strengths and interests of your employees.

Performing Engineering Operations – concentrating on working safely, efficiently and effectively in engineering as well as using and communicating technical information.  Optional extras could include, production of components, using lathes, producing platework components and assemblies, MIG, MAG and other continuous wire welding equipment.

Performing Manufacturing Operations - typically this programme would include, compliance with statutory regulations and the promotion of effective working relationships as well as options such as shaping, moulding, packaging, process control and inspection.
Whatever you wish to focus on, we will tailor it to meet the needs of your individual organisation.

The many benefits of these training programmes to your business include:
  •     Higher skills levels and standardised working practices, leading to more efficiency and greater expertise
  •     A more motivated workforce, gaining recognition for their work, attaining qualifications and feeling valued
  •     Less risk of safety critical incidents, accidents and injuries.

Specialist Engineering programmes – available at College
  •     City & Guilds certificates in Engineering at levels 1, 2 and 3 (day release)
  •     Edexcel National Award in Manufacturing Engineering level 3 (day release)
  •     2D CAD introduction and level 3 (evening)
Fabrication & Welding

Problems recruiting and retaining skilled welders?  With the average age of skilled welders in the UK running at 55 and a lack of investment and training over the last 25 years, there is now a national shortage of welders and fabricators, which is expected to worsen over the next 3 years.
At Shrewsbury College we are pleased to offer a wide range of welding courses providing training for welders of all levels of skill.

We offer day release, part time evenings and work based assessment through various programmes depending on skill level and experience.  Choose the most appropriate from:
  •     National Vocational Qualifications in Welding & Fabrication (work based)
  •     Introductory and Advanced awards in Welding (evenings at College)
  •     Awards and Diplomas in Welding & Fabrication (evenings at College)
Foundation Degrees in partnership with Staffordshire University

“To remain competitive, half the working population needs to be educated to degree level”

With the abundance of computer software and hardware available to the engineer, their job role has altered tremendously.  Looking increasingly at a multi-disciplinary role for the engineer and technologist, their activities are highly likely to span the physical sciences, mathematics, information technology and management.   Our Foundation Degrees have been developed to produce technologists who can operate effectively in this fast changing environment.

With common units covering Electronic Technology, Mechanical Technology, Mathematics,  Design Principles, Personal Development, Design Project and Control Technology, individuals can then choose to specialise in either:   
Electrical & Electronic Technology or Manufacturing Technology

For the rest of your workforce we offer specialist training in: 

Logistics Operations Management – an ideal development tool for your warehouse or logistics managers, embedding a standard approach to communication, processes and safe working practices.

Warehousing and Storage - is primarily aimed at your employees who undertake varied warehousing, storage and logistics activities.  This is about ensuring the safe and efficient receipt, movement, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing and logistics environment at all times.

Traffic Office - at level 2 would assist your traffic office clerks in their planning, routing and scheduling, allocating of resources, in fact all the skills involved in this role are explored and developed.  At level 3, this qualification is geared more towards the transport managers focusing in on the management of working relationships, the movement of loads and making sure their teams are as effective as they can be.

Specialist Plant and Machinery Operations – ‘does what it says on the tin’ – it covers the safe operation of the following types of lift trucks: counter balance truck; reach truck; side loader; very narrow aisle; pedestrian/side pallet stacker.  Basic training certificates and refresher courses both available.

Team leader –  improving and developing the performance of your section leaders, team leaders and potential supervisors

Business administration – keep the paperwork under control

Customer service - need we say more?

Information technology – levels suitable for employees who are new to IT as well as the more experienced user

Considering an Apprentice?

Because apprentices receive relevant training, they can have an immediate effect and make a real and more meaningful contribution to your business. Their training is ‘on the job’, so they can directly gain from the skills and experience of those around them. Apprenticeships are available in the following:

    •    Engineering (Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship)
    •    Welding & Fabrication (Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship)

Please speak to a member of the team about apprenticeships – 01743 342512 or email:
Health and Safety - it’s everyone’s responsibility

Risk assessment   Fire Precautions
Manual handling    Safety policy awareness
Emergency aid      COSHH
Basic first aid

Many of our qualifications/courses are subsidised; some are even free of charge.

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