Shrewsbury College Merger Consultation

Post consultation revisions to the proposed merger between Shrewsbury College, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College and New College Telford.

Following the consultation period relating to the proposed merger of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology and New College Telford the opportunity has been taken by all 3 colleges to re-assess their positions in the light of all the available information.

New College Telford have withdrawn completely from the process and are intending to merge, through a “fresh start” arrangement with Telford College of Arts and Technology.

Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology (SC) and Shrewsbury Sixth Form College (SSFC) are confirming their joint intent to merge with each other on July 31st 2016.

SSFC will formally decide to accept the dissolution of SC and the transfer of the property, rights and liabilities of that Corporation in May 2016. Following on from that decision SC will then decide whether to dissolve.

The statutory notice relating to the dissolution of SC into SSFC was published in February 2016.

SSFC will remain designated as a Sixth Form College.

Prior to merger SSFC will apply to The Secretary of State to change the official name of SSFC to “Shrewsbury Colleges Group” in recognition of the merged colleges broader mission.

The current individual identities and brandings of the two colleges will be protected and used.  Both colleges expressly wish to maintain the current ethos and characteristics of each separate college.

The desire to maintain the individual characteristics of each college will be reflected in the Senior Management structure of the new college. Reporting to one Principal / CEO.

The newly merged college is committed to providing high quality academic and vocational education and training in an inclusive way for young people, adults and employees, from Level 1 to higher education.

The new college will also build on existing partnerships with schools, colleges and employers in the area.

The merged college will bring together business and support teams under joint management arrangements.

Students will continue to apply to each college separately and arrangements will be put in place to support students in the design of their programmes of study, including movement between campuses where it meets their needs.

A new Shadow Board, comprising Governors from both Corporations will be created in May. The Shadow Board will become the Corporation for the newly merged college on July 31st 2016.

This proposal is supported by the Marches and Worcestershire Area Review Group in April 2016.

There is an opportunity for key stakeholders to comment on this proposal between Thursday 21 April and Monday 2 May by using the email account

Consultation feedback report and recommendations

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