NIC Unvented Hot Water

NIC Unvented Hot Water

  • Course Code: PLR3PUV001 (171A)
  • Prospectus Title: NIC Unvented Hot Water
  • Mode of Study: PART-TIME
  • Duration: 1 Week (6. hours per week)
  • Start Date: 29 January, 2018
  • Course Tuition Fee: £ 210
  • Exam / Reg. Fee: £50
  • Materials Fee: £25
This course has started. Please call for the next start date.

What does the course involve?

The course consists of 1 day training and assessment the day will be made up from ??? day training and ??? day assessment. Units: Hot water systems; Health and safety; Building Reg's Part G; Building Reg's Part L; Building Reg's Part P; Controls & Components; Discharge Pipework Sizing & Installation; Sealed heating systems; Electrical safety. Mandatory Additional Study: None. Additional study: None. How will I be assessed? You will be assessed through the use of written multi-choice question paper and practical assessment for commissioning, servicing and fault finding on unvented hot water systems.

Additional costs

Candidates will be expected to provide their own safety shoes and overalls.

What do I do next?

Some of our courses may have entry qualifications and you may need to have an informal chat with the tutor to check it is appropriate for you - this will be clear in the Other Details area. You are able to enrol at the College in person or by phone on 01743 342333 between 9.00am-5.00pm Monday - Thursday and 9.00am-4.30pm on Friday. You can also enrol and chat to staff at our advice / enrolment events which happen throughout the year or use our Live Chat.

You will be required to pay your course fees at the time of enrolment, so please ensure that you bring an appropriate payment method with you, (as well as appropriate evidence if you are eligible to have any fees waived).

Other details

No entry requirements. No concessions.

If you are aged 19 or over you may have to pay some tuition fees.

This can be clarified by ringing Course Advice on 01743 342333.

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