Ben Lines

It’s very fun – I really enjoy the lessons. I’m planning on moving to Japan after university as I’ve had a job offer to go and teach English. I tried learning Japanese on my own, then decided to join the beginners class at Shrewsbury College. I found it much easier to learn with a group of people and decided to stay on and do the intermediate course. I’m feeling very prepared for my move to Japan.more

Angela Fricker

I know my knowledge of French is good, so the course was really to get the language out of my head and onto my tongue. I previously completed the intermediate course, which helped me to improve my vocabulary. On the advanced course I’ve revised more of the grammar and have been able to expand my vocabulary. The tutor is French and is very good at colloquial things and helping us get our accents right. I occasionally go to France, but I’m quite happy to just work away at a language. I think it’s good to brush up on a language; it helps to keep the brain young.more

Greek for Beginners

Samantha Walker

The course is really enjoyable and the tutor is fantastic. I’ve learnt quite a lot in a small amount of time and was able to hold a conversation during a recent trip to Greece. My partner’s family has Greek connections so I’d like to move onto the intermediate course next to develop my understanding of the language.more

French for Beginners

Ying Liu

English is not my mother tongue and I wanted to explore another foreign language.

Because the course is for beginners, you feel very comfortable to ask questions. It’s a nice small group, we all get on well and the teacher is lovely. She is French herself and makes learning so easy. I’d recommend the course to everybody!more

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