Studying Counselling offers valuable skills for use in today’s society, where increased pressures are being felt by people from all walks of life. In response to the demands for the treatment of conditions like anxiety, depression and stress there has been recognition that there is a need to increase the availability of psychological therapies (IAPT).  Recent government initiatives have put counselling firmly at the heart of a range of accepted treatments offered by health services.
The suite of courses that we offer will give you a solid grounding in the understanding of counselling. You will learn about the profession and the theoretical knowledge relating to a broad range of counselling approaches. You will develop a range of counselling skills as well as interpersonal skills common to most approaches within a variety of counselling situations.

The journey to becoming a counsellor is not an easy one.  You will be required to engage in experiential exercises designed to increase your self-awareness and to draw on your own life experiences in order to enhance your own learning and that of others.

Please find the Undergraduate Programme Specification for the FdSc Counselling Theory and Practice.

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