CACHE Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce L3

Jessica Pugh

I chose the course because I like working with children, helping them develop and teaching them new skills. I want to work in a nursery. I started on the level 1 course, and then I did Level 2 and 3. You get to work with a range of children, they have the interactive babies here, you do lots of different activities and I do a placement two days a week. The College helped set the placement up; it’s been really good experience. I’ve already recommended the course – my friend is starting next year.more

Caring for Children CACHE Foundation L1

Emma Williams

I have finished three years at college and am now doing Health and Social Care, after which I would like to get a job working with children. I started with Directions, then Introduction to Care, and most recently Level 1 Childcare – so I have really progressed right through


Caring for Children CACHE Foundation L1

Amy Lewis

I have been able to progress my way up through college. It is hard work but everyone is very helpful. When I first came here I was a student in Directions, then I was able to do an Introduction to Care, and most recently I have done Level 1 Childcare. The reason I did that was because Level I I Health and Social Care wasn’t available, which is what I really wanted to do. But Childcare was related and I have moved on from that to Health and Social Care. After that I would like to work in a care home.


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