Lauren Neal

I really enjoyed doing work experience at Bicton C.E. Primary school. It gave me the opportunity to put everything I was learning on the course in to practise. I was really happy to receive fantastic feedback from the school too. I think doing a work placement is fundamental when studying because most employers now want you to have some experience in the role you apply for.


Tracy Ottley

I wanted a change in career, as I previously worked in the military as an instructor so I already know that I enjoy working with children.
The great thing about this course is that the routes to progression are easily accessible, and if you want to progress through the levels, you get the option to do it all in one college. Potentially I am thinking of going onto the PGCE course when I finish this course. I really enjoy my time at the college and everyone is friendly. The quick response I get for emails and communication outside of my course time is great, the staff are always willing to help.


CACHE Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce L3

Jessica Pugh

I chose the course because I like working with children, helping them develop and teaching them new skills. I want to work in a nursery. I started on the level 1 course, and then I did Level 2 and 3. You get to work with a range of children, they have the interactive babies here, you do lots of different activities and I do a placement two days a week. The College helped set the placement up; it’s been really good experience. I’ve already recommended the course – my friend is starting next year.more

Caring for Children CACHE Foundation L1

Emma Williams

I have finished three years at college and am now doing Health and Social Care, after which I would like to get a job working with children. I started with Directions, then Introduction to Care, and most recently Level 1 Childcare – so I have really progressed right through


Caring for Children CACHE Foundation L1

Amy Lewis

I have been able to progress my way up through college. It is hard work but everyone is very helpful. When I first came here I was a student in Directions, then I was able to do an Introduction to Care, and most recently I have done Level 1 Childcare. The reason I did that was because Level I I Health and Social Care wasn’t available, which is what I really wanted to do. But Childcare was related and I have moved on from that to Health and Social Care. After that I would like to work in a care home.


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